10 Ways To Simplify Your Life.

"Simplifying" Is it possible? It sounds superb to hear, but can it be?
Our life goes hectic. Lots of commitments, aspirations, work to do, lots of things make our life tedious. But still, we want to achieve what we desire. Life gets entangled in this fortune.

Two years ago, When my Post graduate course was in the last stage, I wandered because I was constantly engaged in making a career which led to some wrong decision.

But by time, I've figured out life is little complicated but not that much. If you really want to make it easy you can do it.

I have got a few tips up my sleeve that is going to make your life simple.

1. Slow Down:

Don't run behind every daily job. Just relax, do listings of your daily task as these are the hurdles in our life goals. Set your monthly goals rather than year goals, I used to set 1 to 3-month goals, as it benefits me to stop rushing. And help me to complete all my task on time and peacefully.

2. Keep yourself hydrated:

Maybe it seems little weird, but staying hydrated keeps your mind relax. Keep a water bottle with you everywhere, whenever you feel anxiety sip water and get relax. As water control the blood pressure which disturbs due to anxiety. 

3. Declutter:

When your closet is full and you need to declutter it. Similarly, eliminate unnecessary mental and physical stress out of your life, Just make space for new forthcoming. If don't need it, eject it.

4. Spend less time online:

Life is fragile. So, don't spend your too much time in the front of your laptop screen. Make a time to look nature around you. Go to the park near you, Spend some time between greenies and playing kids. You will see there is a beautiful world outside the internet.

5. Multitasking should not be your cup of tea:

Maybe you disagree with this point as multitasking is a highly required quality for which everyone is looking. Yes! It is important to some extent but not always. Multitasking may lead to more complications. As in computer, if you open the uncountable application, then it hangs. Similarly, it happens with our mind too. So, bifurcate your tasks in small parts.

6. It's Okay to say "No":

Most of the time we overcommit because of courtesy and manners, we said "Yes". It's not a problem but the pressure of commitment is. When possible assert your right to say No and politely decline those activities.

7. Evaluate your time:

How do you spend your day? what you do in your spare time. List down all this task and evaluate. Prioritize the whole task list. If needed, eliminate some tasks and redesign your day.

8. Spend time with people you love:

Whoever don't like to spend time with the person you like most. Whether your best friend, neighbor, colleague etc. find things to do with them, chit - chat, having fun

9. Plan your workouts:

Scheduling workouts into your calendar really help with accountability and making sure you feel prepared. Plan your workout when you are heading to the gym as without planning you will reach nowhere. And you will get frustrated. 

So, better plan your workouts calendar, this help you to cover all workouts like yoga, aerobics, pilates, cardio and body strength.

10. Eat Well:

Make a habit of eating well. It is very important to eat healthy as it helps to keep digestion fit as well as the mind. As we all know "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body". If you eat well your body will feel light enough which helps to feel you good as well. 

Make a proper schedule time of eating. Do not eat too much in one sitting. Break your meal in small parts. It will help in keeping the metabolism active.

Now days our life is become tedious. Everybody runnig behind to achieve something in life. In all this hustle, you forget to take care of yourself. Stop for a minute and just relax. And check out what is going wrong in your daily routine which make you stressed.

We get only one life so enjoy it.

Stay Happy:)


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