How To Stay Fit And Active In A Fun Way

Hmmm!! Again planning for getting fit and stay active? But, these cooked excuses of being busy in the office, taking care of children and blah blah blah!!!! will not ever let you fit and active.

Ya! I know you have read so many times about how to stay fit, how to maintain health and whatever.
But have you ever think to stay fit and active in a fun way? Perhaps, you thought but does not know how to do. If we ever talk about staying healthy only two options come to our mind; Either running or dieting. Can't we stay fit in other ways? More important in fun way. 

Don't Set Alarm For Morning:

Yaa!! Strange, without alarm how can anyone wake up early? Let, make a bet that you cannot wake up by yourself. And do whatever effort to wake up early in morning. In this way, you will start to wake up early and have fun in a different way. After waking up, do some light stretches in the bed which help to let your body wake completely. 

Make Some Difference In Daily Morning Routine

After waking all we have a usual routine like brushing teeth and whatever stuff :P, You can do brushing teeth by roaming around in the bathroom or in the house. Here you can be active. Make Changes in daily breakfast. Don't eat same things every morning make tasty healthy breakfast. Every morning different tasty breakfast will help you to boost your mood and interest to have healthy food.


Dance is the most Fun way to stay fit and active. I can completely understand regular exercise will make bore to us. Put on your favorite music and do your best moves. Try to copy your favorite artist dance moves. It will really make you active and you will have a lot of fun. Your mood will boost up and feel more charged up.

Try Different Exercises To Stay Fit

Are you regularly go for jogging? Skip it for one day. Do other exercises like you can do skipping or cycling. Changes are good for the body. Nowadays, lots of fitness videos are available on +YouTube . Tune in whatever you like and start imitating them.

Take A Long Way For Destination

Going for buying grocery to nearby market? Or Head towards washroom in office? Why not take a long way. Go to market on foot, let your feet do some walk. Maybe you met with your friend or see playing kids around, how positive you will feel. Similarly, If you are at the office take a long route to the washroom from your desk. While returning you can chitchat with the colleague.

In this way, You can stay fit and active in the most fun way. Just doing little activities in your daily routines can keep you fit and active, All you have to do is leave laziness. See Magic.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!!


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