10 Simple Habits To Prevent Cancer

"Cancer" this word is a synonym of "Death". Whenever we hear this word a thrill of fear passed through our spine. If anybody caught with this deadly disease, he or she thinks It's going to end of life. But I want you to know that Cancer doesn't develop Overnight. It is a result of your unusual Lifestyle. That is if you have a healthy lifestyle. "As many as 70% of known causes of cancer are avoidable and related to lifestyle", says Thomas A. Seller PhD, associate director for cancer prevention.

Avoidance of diet, exercise and regular consumption of Alcohol, tobacco boost the speed of multiplying of cancer cells.
So take your control today on +World Cancer Day, February 4 and decide right now that you start taking care of yourself and your family.

Adopt this simple habit to prevent cancer today:

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Keep a regular eye on your weight numbers, to maintain proper weight is must because as we all know overweight people can never be healthy. If you are overweight, start focusing on losing weight, it will help to improve health. Try to integrate physical activity and movement in your life. Eat nutrient rich foods. Include fruits, green veggies and whole grains in your dietLimit TV and Computer time. Encourage activities during free time in family. Encourage everybody in family about healthy life which keeps you and your family Motivated.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Right Now

Excessive smoke and alcohol is injurious to your health quit it right now. You are getting in danger by yourself. Smoking and alcohol majorly cause lung cancer. Cigarette smoke is harmful for you as well as people around you too. So, be safe and keep safe. Join a quit smoking and drinking program, it will help you to motivate to quit this bad habit.

Protect Yourself from Sun

If you want to reduce risk of cancer, try to spend less time in the sun. Excessive exposure of sun can cause skin cancer, including serious melanoma and many other problems. Don't come in direct sunlight between 10. AM to 4. PM as it is a peak burning hours. Wear long sleeves uppers, Sunscreen with SPF15 or higher, hats while going out. 

Protect Yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections

Have sex with the partner who is faithful. You should use protection. Go for regular medical checkups, it is must in today's lifestyle. Protecting yourself from this infection lowers the risk.
When appropriate, discuss with children about the awareness of safe sex. To aware them is really important, you can consult for more with doctors or health counselors.

Sleep Plenty and Reduce Stress

A stress free and well rested person is always healthier. Make sure you are getting good sleep and stress free life. Because stress leads to health issues. You can go for yoga, meditation and other stress relieving exercises to reduce stress. 

Drink Pure Water

If you receive municipal water that is treated with Chlorine than you should install water purifiers in your home. As this water contains toxic disinfection byproducts, When these chlorine react with natural organic matter, it forms these toxic byproducts in water which is not good for health. These byproducts are responsible for Cancer, It has been seen in laboratory animals. So, it's better to install a filtration system in the house which remove chlorine and other contaminants.

Use Your Cell Phones Less

In today's life, Cell phones become most important. We cannot live a minute without it. We have to constantly check out our WhatsApp, what's going on Facebook, Twitter. Constantly being on call with clients, girlfriend or boyfriend. So, Mobile phones are inseparable now a days. But let me know you, your beloved phone produces lots of harmful radiation while on call. These radiations cause cancer or other health issues. So try to use hands free while talking, don't be on call when the phone is on charging. Make a habit to take leave from your mobile for some time.

Ditch Your Microwave

If you have the habit to use Microwave than ditch it right now. Specially Microwave food in a plastic container is very harmful, It can hasten the rate at which potentially cause cancer.
Microwaving the food creates compounds that are not found in humans called "Radiolytic Compounds".

Limit Your Sitting Time

Now a Days, Most of the people have a desk job. They have to work all day in front of a computer. New studies have suggested that people who sit most of their day sitting are at 24% higher risk for colon and endometrial cancer than who spend less time on a chair. So, stop being lazy, get up and walk around. Explore this beautiful world what you will get in front of the TV.

Marinate Your Meat

Non Vegetarians have high risk of being caught by cancer. They need to cook meat at high temperature as it creates a compound called heterocyclic amines, which is a cause of cancer. Marinate your Meat properly before you serve to your kids. Prevention is better than cure. 

Cancer is dangerous disease. It took many lives. On this World Cancer Day, take a resolution to take care of yourself. Adopt this simple habit to keep yourself healthy and fit. From our side, we deserve this little effort. Your efforts can change others life too. 

Be Safe, Be Healthy!!😊


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