Stop Overthinking Right Now, Trust Me It Is Killing You


Overthinking, Overthinking, Overthinking! 

Are you tired of thinking too much? 
Day and night keep on bothering to worry about anything, and you can not calm wishing. 
If this happens to you, Dude you are Overthinking and excessive thinking is not good for health too.

If we see on the other side of the coin, we cannot stop thinking, but we can slow the speed for some time.
When you Overthink, You judge people around you unnecessarily, get confused and stress level get elevated.

Now the question is, How to Stop Overthinking? Guys, it is very simple. Never complicate life too much. Life is flexible it keeps changing. If you are upset over something, maybe after some time you do not think about this.

  •  Just Be Silent and Know Yourself: 

Our mind is constantly thinking something. Whatever event is happening or is going to be a right or wrong experience or something that occurred in the past is stored in the memory of our sub-conscious mind. We just need to stop thinking for a while. Divert your thoughts towards other things. Write down all your worries on paper. It will help you because whatever you are thinking now it's getting out in the form of words. Now your mind has nothing to think. You get a chance to know yourself.

  • Restart your mind: 

Relax, sit in a peaceful place and Meditate. Detach yourself from current situations and close all the applications running in your mind, Just concentrate on yourself.

  • Realize you cannot predict the future: 

Yes, Future is not in our hand only present is. Live with what you have don't think what's going to happen. Spend your time with things you like.

  • Let's challenge beliefs:

"Belief creates the actual facts" ~ William James. Belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. So, Whatever you believe it may be false. So, don't stick to the fact which you are thinking about, it may be true or false, or it will change with the time.

  • Put things in a wider perspective: 

Perspective is a thing that can magically make your worst day feel like one of the best. Change your point of view towards situations around you. At the time you change, Your mind automatically stops unwanted thinking, and you will start to feel happier.

  • Exercise: 

Am! This may sound a bit odd. But yes, it works. This my personal experience whenever I start overthinking I change my daily routines and starts exercising, yoga, go on a morning walk. These are really helpful as it generates positive energy within which you let negative energy out of mind.
And, there are many ways to get rid out of Overthinking. I know it is the very tough task but to live life happily it is important. Just live your life with calmness we cannot change anything so, do not worry, keep working. :) 


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