7 Simple Ways To Impress Your Crush

Whenever you listen "Crush" a smile with blush appear on your face. We met many people in our lives, but for a few of them, a feeling developed. But then the question arises, What should I do to impress him/her?
What should do that, your crush starts like back to you?

Here are some tips :
  1. Talk: Words are weapons so try to talk that person. Analyze what type of topics he/she likes, then try to talk more on the topic of their interest. It will increase interest in them for you. Of course, How much you will talk you come to know each other very well by time. 
  2. SmileEverybody like ours smiling face. The person who always remains happy, get noticed fast. A smile is the best gesture to attract anyone as it prevails positive vibes from you.
  3. Be Confident: Confidence is the key. You don't need to look smart or charming. Women like confident men, similarly men also like women with confidence. So Impress them with a great confidence.
  4. Be Humorous: Nobody like the dull or boring person. Maybe you are introvert but be humorous. If you are a person who always talks low life nobody wants to be with him forever. So, try to be some humorous. It will spice up your relations as well as your crush enjoys too.
  5. Be Open and DirectIf you talk someone and cannot understand you then it's a big fail to impress. That's why try to be open and direct in your communications. Connect With Social media: Nowadays social media becomes the easiest way to get in contact with anyone. Connect on Facebook, Whats App, We Chat and much more. Start a conversation and take it to the next level easily.
  6. Confess Your FeelingsAt last, but not the least you have done lots of efforts to impress your crush, but don't confess your feelings for them then it's nothing to do with. When your crush gets comfortable with you confess your feelings with them. If they don't accept don't beat up on yourself, it's a two-way relation and try to respect their decision.
Hope you will like my tips. 



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